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    Precitech a manufacturer of ultra-precision machines for diamond turning, milling and grinding

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    Achieve sub-nanometer surface finishes with sub-micron form accuracies in a wide variety of materials. Whether rotationally symmetric or advanced freeform geometries, let us provide a specific machine solution that exceeds your expectations. Learn More

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    2020-12-15 · Miniaturization, nano-/micro-machining, etc. Cutting, electro-discharge machining (EDM), grinding, abrasive machining, ELID grinding, ultraprecision machining, laser-applied machining, multi-axis machining, process for difficult-to-machine materials, low environmental-impact machining, polishing, CMP, process monitoring, etc. Machining System

  • Computer Numerical Control an overview

    W. Brian Rowe, in Principles of Modern Grinding Technology (Second Edition), 2014. Slide-Ways. Modern computer numerical control (CNC) machines are designed for speed and accuracy. The slide-way has to allow movement in the feed direction with relatively low friction and absence of stick-slip. As with spindle bearings, the range of possibilities include plain bearing slide-ways, rolling

  • Okamoto 超精密成形研削盤 超精密研削盤 岡本工作機


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    In this sense, precision grinding and polishing process are primarily used to generate high-quality and functional components usually made of difficult-to-machine materials. The surface quality achievable by precision grinding and polishing processes becomes more important for

  • Surface integrity in metal machining Part I

    2021-3-1 · Machining includes various techniques employing different physical mechanisms to remove material from the workpiece. These expose the workpiece material to mechanical, thermal and chemical loads, which result in the machined workpiece exhibiting various surface and subsurface alterations, hence modifying surface integrity .Depending on the nature of the loads induced by machining upon

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  • Manufacturing Engineering and Technology 6th

    Manufacturing Engineering and Technology 6th Edition Serope Kalpakjian Stephen Schmid.pdf

  • Bactericidal surfaces: An emerging 21st-century ultra

    2021-4-6 · An emerging new branch of manufacturing called ultra-precision manufacturing has helped in developing fabrication solutions such as machine tools and processing technologies required for fabricating nanostructured precision surfaces with great repeatability and accuracy.